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Shredder / Extrusion controller


  • Auto-Reverse. Supports 3 different methods : IR Sensor (recommended), hall sensor and proximity sensor
  • Overheat protection
  • Error and status feedback via LEDs
  • Reset button
  • Direction switch
  • Hopper sensors
  • Emergency switch
  • Semi automatic extrusion control


  • If jamming occurred 3 times, it stops all and goes in fatal mode, indicated by red blinking LED. In this case you push reset and/or switch to stop and then again forward after un-jamming the shredder or extrusion
  • If power comes back whilst direction is still set to forward, it waits til the user switches to stop and explicit switches to forward again
  • If hopper sensors are installed, the motor will stop when opening the hopper
  • Uninterrupted shredding will stop after one hour automatically. In later releases this time will be exteneded according to measured activity via HAL and/or speed sensor. That's a safety feature in case the operator got a heart attack, etc…
  • If set to extrusion mode, the motor won't start before the barrel didn't heat up for at least some time.

Front panel

from top to bottom, left to right

  1. Emergency switch Amazon | Specs

  1. Power switch - Shredder Amazon | Specs

  2. Direction switch Amazon | Specs

  3. Power switch - Extruder Amazon | Specs

  4. Auto-Reverse mode switch Amazon | Specs

  1. Status LED - Error Amazon | Specs

  2. Status LED - Ok Amazon | Specs

  3. Momentary Switch (Reset & Extrusion semi auto control) Amazon | Specs

  1. VFD Control Panel Amazon | Specs

  1. Temperature controller Amazon | Specs





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